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SIU - Tewantin State School Executive Summary - 2015.pdfSIU - Tewantin State School Executive Summary - 2015173 KB
TSS Prep Brochure 2017-amended22022017.pdfTSS Prep Brochure 2017-amended2202201733740 KB
SRS Participation Agreement 2018.pdfSRS Participation Agreement 201898 KB
Voluntary Contribution 2018.pdfVoluntary Contribution 2018114 KB
Enrolment Form.pdfEnrolment Form808 KB
PREP Excursions and Camps 2018.pdfPREP Excursions and Camps 2018340 KB
P and C Volunteer Application.docP and C Volunteer Application69 KB
Tewantin - 2019 Prep.pdfTewantin - 2019 Prep56 KB
Tewantin - 2019 Year 1.pdfTewantin - 2019 Year 156 KB
Tewantin - 2019 Year 2.pdfTewantin - 2019 Year 255 KB
Tewantin - 2019 Year 3.pdfTewantin - 2019 Year 356 KB
Tewantin - 2019 Year 4.pdfTewantin - 2019 Year 456 KB
Tewantin - 2019 Year 5.pdfTewantin - 2019 Year 556 KB
Tewantin - 2019 Year 6.pdfTewantin - 2019 Year 656 KB
Tuckshop 2019 Menu.pdfTuckshop 2019 Menu231 KB
Uniform Policy 2019.pdfUniform Policy 2019416 KB
2019 SRS Breakdown.pdf2019 SRS Breakdown397 KB
SRS Participation Agreement Form 2019.pdfSRS Participation Agreement Form 2019243 KB
Bilai Information letter 2019.pdfBilai Information letter 2019107 KB
YEAR 5 BILAI Consent.pdfYEAR 5 BILAI Consent677 KB
2019 CROSS COUNTRY - Parent letter and Consent.pdf2019 CROSS COUNTRY - Parent letter and Consent383 KB
Yr 4 Australia Zoo.pdfYr 4 Australia Zoo11 KB
Australia Zoo Consent Form.pdfAustralia Zoo Consent Form683 KB
Uniform Order Form 2018.pdfUniform Order Form 2018489 KB
Senior Athletics Carnival.pdfSenior Athletics Carnival692 KB
NAPLAN Information.pdfNAPLAN Information449 KB
Yr 5 Caboolture Historical Village.pdfYr 5 Caboolture Historical Village74 KB
2019 Investing for Success.pdf2019 Investing for Success238 KB
Yr 3 Maleny Dairy Consent Form.pdfYr 3 Maleny Dairy Consent Form677 KB
Year 2 Bilai Science Incursion.pdfYear 2 Bilai Science Incursion320 KB
Cycle Skills Program Year 4.pdfCycle Skills Program Year 4527 KB
A Case of Discovery - Forensic Science Workshop.pdfA Case of Discovery - Forensic Science Workshop871 KB
Bugs Beetles  Beasties 2019.pdfBugs Beetles Beasties 2019501 KB
Starlab yr 3.pdfStarlab yr 3408 KB
Wildlife HQ Yr2 excursion August 2019.pdfWildlife HQ Yr2 excursion August 2019234 KB
StarLab Yr 5 2019 Letter.pdfStarLab Yr 5 2019 Letter546 KB
AIP 2017.pdf2017 Annual Implementation PlanAIP 2017275 KB
4 April 2019 Newsletter.pdf4 April 2019 Newsletter4 April 2019 Newsletter7149 KB
Billy Moore Shield Rugby League.pdfBilly Moore Shield Rugby LeagueBilly Moore Shield Rugby League403 KB
Change of Details form 2018.docCAN WE FIND YOU IN AN EMERGENCYChange of Details form 201873 KB
Easter Hat Parade Morning Times.pdfEaster Hat ParadeEaster Hat Parade Morning Times493 KB
medical_form_camps_and_excursions.pdfExcursion Permission and Medical Formmedical_form_camps_and_excursions19 KB
exemption_from_compulsory_schooling.pdfExemption from compulsory schoolingexemption_from_compulsory_schooling114 KB
gettingyourchildsetforprep.pdfGetting your child set for prepgettingyourchildsetforprep72 KB
Tewantin SS Hall for hire.pdfHall HireTewantin SS Hall for hire384 KB
Tewantin State School Attendance Policy 2017.docHeading 1 StyleTewantin State School Attendance Policy 20171037 KB
internet-agreement.pdfInternet agreementinternet-agreement106 KB
media-release.pdfMedia releasemedia-release56 KB
Excursion Information Sheet.pdfOSHC Excursion information sheetExcursion Information Sheet335 KB
All in one permission Form Jun Jly 2016.pdfOSHC permission form 2016All in one permission Form Jun Jly 2016337 KB
Prep - Year 1 Sports Day Parent Program.pdfPrep - Year 1 Sports Day Parent ProgramPrep - Year 1 Sports Day Parent Program401 KB
howtogetinvolved.pdfPrep-how to get involvedhowtogetinvolved66 KB
makingthefirstdayasuccess.pdfPrep-making the first day a successmakingthefirstdayasuccess72 KB
privacy-infosheet.pdfPrivacy infosheetprivacy-infosheet205 KB
responsible-behaviour-plan-for-students.pdfResponsible Behaviour Plan for Studentsresponsible-behaviour-plan-for-students11559 KB
schoolwide-behaviour-expectations-matrix.pdfSchoolwide behaviour expectations matrixschoolwide-behaviour-expectations-matrix27 KB
Secondhand Uniform Form.pdfSecondhand Uniform FormSecondhand Uniform Form562 KB
TSS snapshot-report.docxSnapshot report template - Great results guaranteeTSS snapshot-report326 KB
Tewantin SS hall hire.pdfTewantin SS hall hireTewantin SS hall hire297 KB
Tewantin SS Hall Hire 2018.pdfTewantin SS Hall Hire Form 2018Tewantin SS Hall Hire 20181198 KB
TSS SUN SAFE POLICY.pdfTewantin State School Sun Safe PolicyTSS SUN SAFE POLICY644 KB
Voluntary Contribution.pdfTewantin State School Voluntary ContributionVoluntary Contribution849 KB
anti_bullying_policy.pdfTSS Anti-Bullying Policyanti_bullying_policy307 KB
TSS Uniform Policy July 2019.pdfTSS Uniform PolicyTSS Uniform Policy July 2019427 KB
Tuckshop-Menu-How-to-Order 2019.pdfTuckshop How to OrderTuckshop-Menu-How-to-Order 2019199 KB
Tuckshop-Menu-Price-List 2019.pdfTuckshop MenuTuckshop-Menu-Price-List 2019212 KB
Tuckshop Volunteer.docTuckshop VolunteerTuckshop Volunteer47 KB
Uniform Order Form 01 01 2016.pdfUniform Order Form Uniform Order Form 01 01 2016356 KB
Year 2 - 3 Sports Day Parent Program.pdfYear 2 - 3 Sports Day Parent ProgramYear 2 - 3 Sports Day Parent Program323 KB
Yr 6 what to bring.pdfYear 6 Camp - What to BringYr 6 what to bring460 KB
Yr 6 Camp Consent.pdfYear 6 Camp Consent FormYr 6 Camp Consent672 KB