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Student Resource Scheme

A Student Resource Scheme operates at Tewantin State School, offering parents an economical alternative to the purchase of learning resources for their child throughout the school year. Under this scheme, books and resource materials are purchased by the school to secure significant savings for you through bulk purchasing power and also ensures your child has all the resources to start the year without the hassle of you sourcing the various items yourself.
The scheme is supported by the P&C but managed by the school and operates within the policy and guidelines of the Department of Education and Training (DET) and in accordance with section 51 of the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006. DET encourages schools to operate a scheme as a service to parents.
Participation in the scheme is voluntary and those parents / carers who join the scheme are asked to pay a fee so their child can access materials and resources provided by the scheme. Parents/ carers who do not wish to participate in the scheme are responsible for providing their child with all the items that would otherwise be provided to the student by the scheme as detailed in the Year Level Requirements List.
It is important to remember that for the cost of the scheme ($70.00) your child will receive in excess of $400.00 in value.
The provision of this scheme ensures that our students’ learning is well-resourced, which remains our key focus. The purpose of this scheme is to create an opportunity for every family to support the learning of their children in the most economical way.
All families are required to complete and return the attached Student Resource Scheme Participation Form by Friday 8th February 2019. I look forward to your support to ensure your child commences 2019 fully prepared and well-resourced for the academic challenges of the new year.
Terms and Conditions

The information that you are about to read will assist you in making an informed decision regarding your financial commitments and ensure your student is equipped to commence school in 2019. After reading the information below, please complete the Student Resource Scheme Application Form and submit to the school office.
These are to be purchased by individual parents / carers prior to Day 1, Term 1. Parents will have the option of ordering a ‘Stationery pack’ through the school or collecting a booklist and purchasing the items independently.
The Tewantin State School Student Resource Scheme operates under The Policy and Procedures Register of DET (Student Resource Scheme).
Parents wishing to join the scheme, pay an annual joining fee and sign a contract agreeing to the conditions therein.
·         Administration of the Student Resource Scheme
·         Class sets of workbooks, worksheets, reference material and teacher prepared booklets
·         Class sets of writing and drawing materials, whiteboard markers, chalk, stationery, project materials
·         Materials where the instruction is extended through providing practical learning experiences involving consumables such as cooking ingredients , art and science materials
·         Student reference materials such as books, videos, DVD’s and software
·         Year level stationery pack
·         Swimming / Surf Skills program – lessons provided by qualified instructors
·         School activities such as school excursions, camps, performances and enrichment activities
·         Regional / District Sporting Trials (if applicable)
·         Competitions – eg; Science, Maths, Writing, Computer Skills
·         Interschool Sport (Year 6)
·         Year 6 End of Year Presentation
·         Instrumental Music Student Resource Scheme. Enrolment in this program will occur early in Term 1 2019.
2019 STUDENT RESOURCE SCHEME FEE: $70.00 per student
Every effort has been made to contain costs to parents while ensuring that adequate resources are available for student use. The Student Resource Scheme represents excellent value and provides substantial savings to parents of students. For instance, the Scheme provides students with access to hundreds of reference books alone, valued at approximately $10 - $15 per book. There are other significant savings to parents as the Scheme provides many more resources in addition to books.
All parents / carers, regardless of whether they wish to join the scheme or not, will need to sign the application form indicting that they have read the Terms and Conditions outlined in this document and understood the contract conditions outlined on the Participation Form.
Whilst it is voluntary to join the Student Resource Scheme, participating parents / carers have entered in to an agreement to pay certain fees in exchange for the use of textbooks and resources. There is therefore an obligation on participants to make these payments or provide their own books and resources. Anyone who joins the scheme but fails to pay the full contribution may be excluded from the scheme at the discretion of the Principal.
Parents are asked to indicate on the Application form the preferred method of payment. Payment can be made by;
·         EFTPOS
·         BPoint
·         QParent
A receipt will be provided for EFTPOS only, BPoint and QParent payments are able to be tracked through individual accounts. We ask parents to file their receipts in case reference to the receipt is required in the future.
Option 1: Full payment prior to the commencement of the school year or upon enrolment.
Option 2: Instalments.
·         1st Instalment – Term 1 2019: $30 – 08/02/2019
·         2nd Instalment – Term 1 2019: $20 – 08/03/2019
·         3rd Instalment – Term 1 2019: $20 – 05/04/2019
Option 3: Negotiated individual payment plans. If you select this option, please make an appointment to meet with our Business Manager at the Office.